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    Visual Patlib-centra - A member of the PATLIB network of IP support centres

    PATLIB (PATent LIBraries) are a European network of patent information centers established by the European Patent Office. Each state that is a member of the European Patent Convention has one or more PATLIB centers. In Belgium, the centers form a network providing information about one or more intellectual property rights. Each of these centers is represented by a qualified and experienced team of experts, who are able to provide practical assistance with a wide range of intellectual property questions that you can approach as an individual or as an SME.

    As well as information on intellectual property, many centres also offer other services, such as technological advice, support in the realisation of projects, etc. A detailed overview of which services the Belgian PATLIB centers offer and what expertise they have per intellectual property right can be found on the EPO web page “Directory of patent information centers (PATLIB)” of the EPO.

    In addition to the PATLIB centers, there is another network where SMEs in need of free and personalized advice can go: that of the Patent cells that were founded in different sectors.

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