In his letter of 22 March 2007, the Chairman of the Chamber’s Business Commission asked the Intellectual Property Council’s opinion on the Government Bill on the statute and monitoring of management companies, as submitted on 11 May 2006 to the Chamber of Representatives (DOC 51 2481/001).

During its meeting on 14 December 2007, the Intellectual Property Council decided to entrust an ad hoc working group with the examination of this Government Bill, in accordance with the application of article 6, §1, of the Royal Decree of 5 July 2004, establishing a Council for Intellectual Property (Belgian Official Journal of 17 August 2004).

The following members have applied to be part of this working group and were accepted by the Section on 14 December 2007: Ms S. CAPIAU, Ms S. DUSOLLIER, Ms N. LABOUVERIE, Mr W. CRIEL, Ms M. GYBELS, Ms M.C. JANSSENS, Mr O. MAETERLINCK, Mr F. MIGNOLET, Mr A. STROWEL, Mr J.-P. VANDEN DORPE, Ms K. VAN DER PERRE, Ms I. VANDERVEKEN, Mr M. VERHAMME, Mr S. VLOEBERGHS and Mr F. YOUNG.

Moreover, the working group will be able to call on the following people’s expertise: Mr D. KROES (auditor registered with the Institute of Registered Auditors), Mr  P. PEETERS (lawyer specialised in administrative law), Ms J. WINDEY (lawyer specialised in company law) and Mr Y. STEMPNIERWSKY (representative of the Belgian Commission for Accounting Standards).

The following members of the FPS Economy’s Monitoring Department for management companies will also partake in the working group’s activities: Mr H. DE BIE, Ms K. D’HAESELEER and Mr P. VAN EYCKEN.

Mr A. STROWEL is appointed Chairman of this working group.

The secretarial work will be carried out by the Intellectual Property Office, in accordance with article 8 of the Royal Decree of 5 July 2004 establishing a Council for Intellectual Property.

After deliberation and in according with the Parliament’s request, the Section has given a mandate to the working group to examine the Government Bill, article by article, and to draw up an draft opinion based on their examination, for the attention of Copyright and Related Rights Section.

During its meeting on 27 May 2009, the Council for Intellectual Property adopted the opinion and its accompanying annexes, based on the draft opinion that was submitted by the ad hoc working group.

Opinion of 27 Mai 2009 (French) (PDF, 756.54 KB)

Opinion of 27 Mai 2009 (Dutch) (PDF, 795.77 KB)

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