The Government Bill on the intellectual property provisions of the Code of Economic Law and the corresponding explanatory memorandum are submitted to the Council of Ministers for a second reading. With that in mind, the Intellectual Property Council took note of this file on its own initiative and organised two meetings in order to issue an opinion on this Government Bill.  In the meantime, the Council of Ministers examined the Government Bill on 19 July 2013 and asked the Intellectual Property Council to issue an opinion on the matter.

The draft codification of the intellectual property provisions is not limited to incorporating and coordinating the existing legislation. It also contains substantial changes that are aimed in particular at making the collective management of copyright and related rights more transparent.

The Council met on 3 and 13 September, for plenary sessions and separate meetings of its Industrial Property Section and its Copyright and Related Rights Section, to discuss the main changes introduced by the draft codification.

This opinion was adopted during the meeting on 13 September 2013. The members also decided during this meeting to publish the opinion.

opinion of 13 September 2013 (French) (PDF, 248.6 KB)

opinion of 13 September 2013 (Dutch) (PDF, 244.2 KB)

  • Annexe (PDF, 634.19 KB) (in the language in which the contribution was received by the Secretariat of the Intellectual Property Council).
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