The task of the consultative commission on the renumeration for reprography is to provide advice on various aspects relating to the renumeration for reprography. This includes the amount of the remuneration, the modalities of collecting the renumeration, the modalities of monitoring and the requests for information necessary for the distribution of the renumeration.

In fact, within the context of its professional activities and under certain conditions, it is permitted  to make photocopies of  articles or sections of books, without requesting the prior permission of the authors and publishers. This is the  reprography exception. In return for this exemption from permission, a payment is made to the authors and publishers of the copied works.

The remuneration for reprography  is collected by  REPROBEL from  debtors or users of photocopiers depending on the number of copies of protected works (copyshops, companies, public authorities, etc.).

The amount payable and collection methods for the remuneration for reprography are determined by Royal Decree.

The commission is comprised of:

  • a chairman, who represents the minister responsible for copyright;
  • individuals appointed by the collecting society which is responsible for collecting and distributing the remuneration for reprography (REPROBEL);
  • representatives of photocopier manufacturers;
  • representatives of wholesalers or retailers of devices;
  • debtor representatives.
Last update
28 March 2022