The role of the first three copyright consultative commissions includes advising the Minister responsible for copyright on the amounts and the collection and control methods of certain remuneration legally due to rights holders.

Indeed, the law states that for certain types of uses of works, users are exempt from requesting permission from the rights holders. In return for this exemption from permission, a remuneration is paid to the rights holders. These are legal licences that provide compensation for the recognition of certain copyright exceptions

The commissions bring together representatives from the relevant fields (users and rights holders in particular) who then discuss, under the auspices of a representative of the Minister, the remuneration amounts and the collection, control and distribution methods for these sums. 

There is also a committee within which interested parties discuss:

  • the development of implementing measures for the collective management of copyright and related rights; 
  • audiovisual issues. 

Outside the scope of these formal commissions and committee, consultations on draft implementing measures also take place with interested sectors.

Last update
22 February 2024