When it comes to patents, in principle no one is obliged to be represented by an attorney before the Intellectual Property Office Belgium (IPObel). But if you want to be represented (or have to be represented), it is advisable to use an accredited attorney (or similar person, e.g. a lawyer). The Office holds a register of accredited patent attorneys.

A Commission for the Accreditation of Patent Attorneys was created in order to accredit attorneys and organise examinations. This Commission also submits opinions to the Minister regarding the listing and delisting of accredited attorneys in the register.

The Commission is comprised of two sections; one deals with affairs in Dutch and the other deals with affairs in French and German (one member of the Francophone section must have sufficient knowledge of German).

The members of these sections are appointed by the Minister from among people who are particularly well qualified in the area of industrial property, in particular patents. Four of the members of each section must be members of the Institute for Patent Attorneys.

The secretariat of the Commission for the Accreditation of Patent attorneys is provided by the Intellectual Property Office Belgium.

More information on the register of recognised patent attorneys and on being registered

Last update
22 February 2024