In the framework of the Benelux Organisation for Intellectual Property, the National Offices of Intellectual Property of Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg have developed a common IT system, the Benelux Patent Platform  (BPP) - to modernise and support all patent related business processes for the three National Offices.

While the three National Offices are adopting a shared IT system and made an effort to harmonise their business processes and legal procedures to a large extent, they continue to conduct their business nationally. Key business drivers for implementing the shared Benelux Patent Platform are the following:

  • All three national systems supporting patent related processes needed to be updated and modernised: a shared platform is economically more advantageous than the implementation of separate systems in the National Offices
  • A shared platform offers a consistent service to applicants and the industry and also makes collaboration with other IP organisations (WIPO, EPO and patent professionals) more efficient
  • Improving internal business processes delivers direct benefits to the patent applicants and the industry as a whole in terms of quality of service and timeliness.

The BPP platform covers end to end patent and supplementary protection certificates (SPC) management processes, including the following functionality:

  • Back Office – covering workflow based case management through the entire patent lifecycle, and supporting all relevant patent types: National (NP), European (EP), International (PCT), Supplementary Protection Certificate (SPC). The system fully supports documents classification and paperless office paradigm.
  • Front Office – allowing external users (customers, applicants and public) to interact with the BPP system, for the management of their patents, fees payment, access to public patent register, etc. Patent applications can be filed using the EPO software (eOLF) or on paper.
  • Integration – providing integration with the back office systems and with external service providers such as EPO, WIPO and other National Offices.

Integration with EPO includes the following interfaces:

  • NP – Request Search and Classification; Receive Search Report and Written Opinion; Publication at EPO Espacenet
  • EP & EuroPCT – Retrieve Patent Details;  Send Annuities
  • NP & SPC & EP & EuroPCT – Send Legal Status Details; Deep-Linking with EPO
  • PCT – Send Search Fees

Integration with WIPO includes the following interfaces:

  • PCT – Send PCT Forms; Receive PCT Forms; Send International Filing Fees
  • Retrieve IPC Scheme.

The Belgium Office has gone live with BPP on the 22 of September 2014.

The BE-BPP portal gives access to three distinct parts:

Two secure modules (My Page and eFiling) and one free access module (eRegister). 


MyPage is a BPP online service that provides secure electronic access to patent applications filed with the Belgian Patent Office.

With MyPage you can:

  • Monitor your patent applications and patents, including the status and the pending fees;
  • Make payment orders for your patents;
  • Make 3rd party payment orders for fees relating to patents;
  • Monitor your current account. 


The Belgian Intellectual Property Office (hereafter BE IPO) offers online services that allow you

  • to create and to file patents applications and supplementary protection certificate (SPC) applications electronically, as well as
  • to create and send other patent/SPC-related documents electronically to the BE IPO.

    The online services offered by the BE IPO use a software package developed by the European Patent Office (hereafter EPO) called « electronic On Line Filing » (eOLF) via a Belgian reception server as well as the smart cards issued by the EPO in order to ensure the security of online filing.

In this context the BE IPO offers you the following online filing services:

  • the filing of a Belgian patent application;
  • the filing of documents produced after the filing of a Belgian patent application or the grant of the Belgian patent;
  • the filing of documents relating to European patents in Belgium (Belgian national phase);
  • the filing of a notification of an entry in the Patent Register (assignment, change of address, license, pledge, etc.) and filing of documents produced after filing a change request;
  • the filing of an application for a supplementary protection certificate for medicinal products;
  • the filing of an application for a supplementary protection certificate for plant protection products;
  • the filing of a request for a pediatric extension in connection with an existing SPC application or SPC for medicinal products;
  • the filing of additional documents to be added to an existing file of a SPC application or SPC.


eRegister comprises bibliographic data of the patent Register as described in the Patent’s Law but also the full text patents and the correspondence between the Patent Office and the applicants.

You can find data about:  

  • Belgian patent applications BE;
  • European patent applications (EURO-PCT included);
  • Belgian supplementary protection certificates (SPC) for medicines and phytopharmaceutical products.

The data are regularly updated by the Belgian Patent Office.

eRegister does not require any subscription and is accessible for all. 

The BE-Benelux Patent Platform is accessible via the link :

For all practical or technical questions concerning BPP, please contact the BE-BPP HELPDESK (on each business day from 9:00 a.m. to 12:30 and from 1:30 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.) : 

  • by telephone :+32 2 277 51 19
  • by fax: +32 2 277 96 97
  • by e-mail :
  • by post:
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