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    The promotion of innovation is an essential factor for the competitiveness of the European economy. Since intellectual property is one of the main instruments for promoting and increasing the value of innovation, it is important that companies, and especially SMEs, universities, research centers, IP professionals and business federations are informed about the instruments for promoting innovation through intellectual property.

    To this end, a chart of the institutions responsible for promoting innovation through intellectual property has been drawn up with the assistance of our regional partners (VLAIO, HUB, Innoviris, WPS-EER and Wallonie Entreprendre).

    This identification has been used to chart these institutions and create a data sheet that can be accessed by simply clicking on the relevant body.

    Intellectual Property Offices

    • Belgian Intellectual Property Office - IPObel (FPS Economy) (Dutch - French)
    • Benelux Office for Intellectual Property- BOIP (Dutch - French)

    Regonial bodies

    In Flanders

    • Flanders Innovation & Entrepreneurship – VLAIO (Dutch)
    • Flanders District of Creativity - Flanders DC (Dutch)
    • Flanders Investment & Trade - FIT (Dutch)

    In Brussels

    • Innoviris, Institute for research and innovation (Dutch- French)
    •, Brussels Business Support Agency (Dutch - French)
    • finance&, the Brussels Regional Investment Company - BRIC (Dutch - French)

    In Wallonia

    • Wallonia Public Service Economy, Employment, Research - SPW-EER (French)
    • Wallonie Entreprendre (French)

      Patent Units / PATLIB Centres

      Universities, colleges and research instituts

      • IMEC vzw (Dutch)
      • KU Leuven Research & Development (Dutch)
      • LIEU network (French)
      • Synhera network (French)
      • Flemish institute for Biotechnonology - VIB (Dutch)
      • Flemish institute for Technological research - VITO (Dutch)
      • UCLouvain Technology Transfer Office (French)
      • UGent Tech Transfer (Dutch)
      • Université Libre de Bruxelles – Technology Transfer Office (ULB-TTO) (Dutch - French)
      • Université de Liège - Interface Entreprises (French)
      • Université de Mons – UMONS (French)
      • Universiteit Antwerpen – dienst Valorisatie (Dutch)
      • Vrije Universiteit Brussel – VUB TechTransfer (Dutch - French)


      • (French)
      • ICAB - Business & Technology Incubator (Dutch)
      • DigitYser - Brussels tech hub for Entrepreneurs & Startups (Dutch)
      • Brussels Life Science Incubator – BLSI (Dutch - French)
      • Greenbizz (Dutch - French)
      Last update
      25 June 2024