Your mutual insurance company already offers you services. Think ahead, ask your mutual insurance company for your EHIC (European Health Insurance Card) card as well as your WAC (World Assistance Card) or MAC (Medical Assistance Card). On this card, you will find the telephone number for Mutas (formerly Eurocross). For the insured persons of the free mutual insurance companies, it is necessary to contact Mediphone Assist.

  • Your European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) replaces the E111 form but not the World Assistance Card. This European card is valid in all countries of the European Union as well as in Switzerland, Norway, Iceland, Lichtenstein and Australia. As such, if you  travel to one of the countries listed above, always show your card if you need care or go to hospital. It will facilitate your access to medical care during temporary stays.
  • Travel assistance: if you paid your contribution to the complementary insurance of your mutual insurance company, you already benefit in most cases from an assistance insurance via your mutual insurance company.
    • Therefore, policyholders of free mutual insurance companies can call on Mediphone Assist.
    • For policyholders of other mutual insurance companies, always carry your World Assistance Card or Medical Assistance Card in your wallet because on the back of it you will find the telephone number of the notification centre to contact. You must contact them as soon as possible (48 hours). As of 1 January 2011, Eurocross became Mutas.

Please note, make various checks before you leave. First of all, if you are in compliance regarding the compulsory insurance and the supplementary assistance.

Then ask, on the one hand, whether:

  • the reason;
  • the place;
  • and the duration of your stay (normally limited to 3 months).

are covered by your medical assistance insurance and, on the other hand, what kind of intervention you benefit from in the country where you are staying.

You will find the most recent information on medical assistance abroad, the conditions of intervention, etc. in the leaflet provided by your mutual insurance company or on the website of your mutual insurance company.

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Normally, this assistance includes:

  • Assistance in the event of illness, accident or death abroad, including contact and consultation with the hospital or the doctor treating the patient locally, the sending of payment guarantees, the organisation of repatriation;
  • Cover for certain additional costs abroad;
  • Assistance is provided only for urgent and unexpected medical care.

On the other hand:

  • lost baggage;
  • pets;
  • car breakdowns;
  • the repatriation of the car;
  • etc.

are not part of the assistance.

Also keep in mind the exclusions:

  • travel for business purposes;
  • dangerous sports;
  • competitions/exhibitions;
  • countries officially advised against, etc.
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15 December 2020