Travel abroad insured and reassured

Insurance is offered to you through various channels such as your credit card (Visa, American express, etc.), the make of your car (insurance often limited to a short period of time), your bank, insurance agent or broker, your hospitalisation insurer, your mutual insurance company… or as a member of an automobile association.

They do not offer the same cover (cover in space and time, exclusions, excesses, etc.). Get informed!

Do not forget to protect yourself by taking the appropriate documents with you when you travel abroad.
For example, the documents that are essential in the event of personal illness/accidents or in the event of an accident.

These include:

  • the documents of the mutual insurance company (European Health Assistance Card and your World Assistance Card or Medical Assistance Card) or telephone number (Mediphone Assist);
  • insurance policy references and contact centre numbers for each of your insurers (assistance, hospitalisation, car insurance, legal protection, etc.);
  • your vehicle documents if you take your vehicle and at least one copy of the "accident report" form;
  • your medications;
  • a copy of your car key...
Last update
20 February 2023