In order to make legal protection insurance accessible to the widest possible audience and therefore, promote access to justice, a tax reduction is granted on legal protection insurance premiums which comply with certain strict conditions regarding the risks covered, minimum cover, guarantee and waiting periods.

Check with your insurer to find out if your "legal protection insurance" product complies with the regulations in order to benefit from a tax deduction.

Payments are taken into account up to an amount of EUR 195 per tax period. The tax reduction is equal to 40% of the amount to be taken into consideration.

The tax deduction is granted on the basis of an annual certificate issued by the insurer.

The law repeals the royal decree of 15 January 2007 determining the conditions that a legal protection insurance contract must meet in order to be exempt from the annual tax on insurance operations provided for in Article 173 of the Code of Miscellaneous Duties and Taxes.

Last update
15 December 2020