Protection of victims and their beneficiaries

With the aim of improving the quality of services for the benefit of policyholders, insured parties and victims of insured damage, insurance companies (within the professional association Assuralia)  adopted various rules of conduct. Some of themare of a general nature and relate to the operations of insurance companies, relations with intermediaries, advertising and the way in which the settlement of claims must be conducted. Other rules of conduct are linked to a branch or concern specific insurance products such as life insurance or insurance for legal expenses.

These rules of conduct are published and can be consulted by anyone on the Assuralia website (French/Dutch only).

If a party involved in the taking out or performance of an insurance contract or in the settlement of a claim believes that the insurance company is not complying with these rules, it may lodge a complaint, in the first instance with the internal Ombudsman of the company concerned, and then, if necessary, with the Insurance Ombudsman.

Disputes and complaints

Insurance Ombudsman

Last update
9 December 2020