Can you be kicked out /ejected?

  • In the context of supplementary insurance, the mutual insurance company may cover a ‘hospitalisation’ component. With regard to the service, the mutual insurance company cannot invoke an illness or an age limit to terminate the hospitalisation service of the supplementary insurance. However, in order to benefit from the services and advantages of the complementary insurance, you must be in compliance in terms of paying your contributions. But remember that the terms and conditions of cover for members can be modified. In concrete terms, by means of an amendment to its articles of association approved by the Oversight Office for Mutual Insurance Companies (OCM), the mutual insurance company is authorised to cancel the service, meaning that its members may find themselves without hospitalisation cover or with modified cover (e.g. by offering fewer guarantees or more limited cover).  Of course, the extent of the cover will be proportional to the fixed contribution requested.
  • The articles of association of the mutual insurance company offering insurance products set, in particular, the conditions for resignation and exclusion of affiliated persons out.  As such, remember that if you change your mutual insurance company, you may be forced to change your hospital insurance.
  • A private insurer cannot cancel your insurance. Only the insured party can cancel it, not the insurer. It is a life contract, i.e. for life. The insurer cannot, therefore, invoke an age limit or illness - except in cases of fraud - to cancel your contract.
  • If you are insured under a group policy and you leave your employer (bankruptcy, resignation, dismissal, retirement age), you have the right to continue to be insured on an individual basis subject to a possible adjustment of the premium without taking changes in your state of health into account.
Last update
15 December 2020