Please note! Obtain information before cancelling a hospitalisation insurance policy as it is a very useful insurance policy. Do not just look around private sector insurers to see if you can still find an insurer or mutual company offering insurance products that will accept your risk.

It is also always possible to negotiate a modification of your cover, for example, to move from a single room to a room with two beds, to envisage an excess, etc.

Both private insurers and mutual insurance companies can increase their premiums in accordance with the legal conditions.

There are different situations:

  • The private insurer: cannot terminate the hospitalisation insurance contract. It is a life contract, i.e. for life.
  • The mutual insurance company offering insurance products: the articles of association set, in particular, the conditions for resignation and exclusion of affiliated persons out. The contract is for life as long as the policyholder remains affiliated to the mutual member of the mutual insurance company offering the insurance products.
  • When affiliation to the hospitalisation service of a mutual insurance company is compulsory, you remain a member of the service for as long as your affiliation to the mutual insurance company itself lasts.
Last update
15 December 2020