When taking out fire insurance, the parties may agree to insure against water damage. However, this cover is not mandatory. Therefore, the parties are not required to purchase this cover. As such, the text below reflects what the insurance industry generally proposes. Furthermore, to find out if you are insured against water damage and the extent of your cover, read the terms of your contract.Make sure  not to confuse water damage insurance with flooding insurance. Water damage insurance generally covers damage caused by water leaks from the building's hydraulic installations and/or adjacent buildings, from external pipes used to collect rainwater or from a leak in the roof. Aquarium leaks, if they are not too large, are also insured. The insurer covers not only damage to the insured property, but also the costs of opening and sealing walls, floors and ceilings, necessary to search for and access faulty installations.

Generally, the insurer does not cover the repair of the faulty installation. Water damage insurance is not a maintenance contract and the insurer assumes that the owner of the building will maintains his property with due care and attention.

Please note: it is often limited cover, for which the insurer sets a maximum intervention threshold.

Last update
14 December 2020