When taking out fire insurance, the parties may agree to insure against theft. However, this cover is not mandatory. Therefore, the parties are not required to purchase it. To find out if you are insured against theft and the extent of your cover, read the terms of your contract. 

Cover against theft is a supplementary insurance with a limited scope, for which the insurer sets a maximum threshold with or without an excess. The insurer may offer you a more specialised product more suited to your specific needs. It is particularly the case, if you wish to insure particularly expensive / valuable objects.

Think about adapting the insured amount - young people do not have much furniture and/or of less value. But the composition of their family, the emergence of new techniques, technologies, etc., may increase the value of the contents. You need to inform your insurer so that he can adapt it accordingly.

Please note!

Usually, the inclusion of theft cover in fire insurance is only granted to buildings that are regularly occupied. The definition of "regular occupation" differs from one insurer to another and is described in the terms and conditions of the contract.

Moreover, you should take basic prevention measures with due care and attention, such as locking all access doors and closing all windows (with a key if possible) when no-one is home. Your insurer may also offer you a reduction in your premium, if you install an anti-intruder system. Discuss it with your insurer!

Generally, particularly expensive items are excluded from the cover. There are separate insurance policies for these objects.

In the majority of cases, the insurer also requires clear evidence that a burglary tookplace.

The following are compensated:

  • the (agreed) value of the stolen property;
  • the damage caused to the contents by the burglars.

Good news:

Even though you do not have insurance against theft, property damage and damage to the building as a result of burglary are often covered by fire insurance. In such cases, even though you do not have theft insurance, you can ask the insurer to compensate you for damage to doors and windows caused by burglars.

Are you the victim of theft abroad? A maximum amount is generally provided for all property temporarily moved to a location other than the insured home.  Check your insurer's conditions of intervention!

Last update
14 December 2020