Cover for storm damage is automatically included in the fire insurance.

The term 'storm' refers to:

hurricanes or other windstorms that:

  • cause destruction, breakage or damage within a radius of 10 km around the designated building:
    • either to buildings insurable against the winds;
    • or to other property with wind resistance equivalent to that of insurable property;
  • reach a top speed of at least 100 km per hour at the nearest Royal Meteorological Institute station.

Different damage may be excluded from the cover.

For example, the insurer may exclude from the cover:

  • light, dilapidated or unfinished constructions;
  • property attached to these light or unfinished constructions;
  • property that is particularly sensitive to storm damage, such as any object outside the building.

Please note that nothing prevents an insurer from extending the cover to these assets or insuring them for an additional premium. For an adequate scope of the insurance, it is important to consult the special conditions of the insurance contract.

The regulations also stipulate that storm insurance must include insurance against damage caused by hail, snow and ice or snow pressure.

In order to prevent certain parties to the contract from circumventing the compulsory cover by limiting the amounts to be insured to a symbolic one euro, it was established that the insured amounts in force for fire insurance also apply to the insurance of this risk. 

Last update
14 December 2020