Cover for damage caused by flooding is obligatorily included in the fire insurance.

However, the existence of risk areas must be taken into account, i.e. areas exposed to major recurrent floods. The risk areas are published in the Belgian Official Gazette.

What are the criteria for damage coverage in the “risk areas”?

  • If your property was built in a risk area before or within 18 months after that area was officially declared a risk area, your insurance will cover damage caused by flooding.
  • If your property was built after the 18-month period, the flood risk will not be covered.

Even though the property is not located in a risk area, the insurer may not be prepared to cover an existing dwelling that is located in an area at higher risk of flooding. In such cases, the dwelling will be insured according to a rate set by the Natural Disasters Pricing Office.

What details does the law provide?

The law determines:

  • What 'flooding' refers to:
  • What must be compensated as a minimum under this insurance. This includes damage to insured property as well as the cost of repairs and relocation of affected residents.
  • What damage can be excluded from general natural disaster insurance and flood insurance?

Finally, IF you are not insured against fire AND if, on the day of the natural disaster, you are entitled to the social integration income or a similar allowance, THEN you can request a certificate from the CPAS of your municipality in order to submit your case to the Disaster Fund.

Last update
17 July 2023