Cover for damage caused by natural disasters is automatically included in the fire insurance.

The law stipulates:

  • the natural disasters in question: earthquakes, floods, overflows or backflows of public sewers, and landslides or subsidence;
  • what must be compensated as a minimum under this insurance. This includes damage to insured property as well as the cost of repairs and housing of the affected residents;
  • what damage can be excluded from general natural disaster insurance and flood insurance. 

In the insurance sector, intervention for natural disasters is not unlimited. Moreover, if the limit of intervention of the insurers is reached, the regional disaster service for Wallonia can still intervene.

In the event of a natural disaster, you must call on your provider of fire insurance, as he will compensate you. 

Ask your insurance broker or agent for advice and assistance in putting together your file, mainly to provide proof of the claim. That being said, you are required to take all possible measures to protect your property.

Finally, IF you are not insured against fire AND if, on the day of the natural disaster, you are entitled to the social integration income or a similar allowance, THEN you can request a certificate from the CPAS of your municipality in order to submit your case to the Regional Disaster Fund.

Last update
28 February 2023