How do you insure your risk in civil liability car insurance?

Various possibilities are available to you depending on your situation:

  • If you are a co-driver or occasional driver of a vehicle, the insurer of the original driver will cover you more easily, possibly with a small additional premium.

    Please note! Correctly notify of the risk. In other words, do not declare yourself as an occasional driver, if you are the main driver of the vehicle. Indeed, if the fraud comes to light, the insurer could invoke insurance fraud and cancel the contract, and then make a claim against you for repayment of its disbursements. You will also find it more difficult to subsequently find another insurance company.
  • Are you the sole driver? 
    Perhaps you can draw your broker/insurer's attention to the fact that you are a good customer (all your insurance policies are with them) or that your family is with them so that you benefit from a more advantageous rate (e.g. the broker can reduce its commission). 
    If you took a defensive driving course or if you agree to certain restrictive driving conditions (e.g. not driving at night on weekends), do not hesitate to mention it and negotiate. 
    Do not forget to mention your experience gained as a co-driver in another insurance contract.

Then, get companies to compete for your business by requesting quotes from several insurers, either on your own initiative or through a broker.  Consult our page with the contact details of insurers established in Belgium. Remember that you can compare the premium you're offered with the one you would get - if you  had three rejections or very high premiums - from the Civil liability Car insurance Rating Bureau.

Keep in mind that factors other than age are taken into account when the premium is calculated. There is one - not insignificant - factor which you do have control over:

  • the power of your vehicle... Think about it when you buy a car! 
  • In addition, the date on which the licence is issued is also a possible factor, which is an incentive for you to get your licence as soon as possible.

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9 March 2023