The main driver of the vehicle is the one who mostly uses it.

Tip: Inform your insurer! Always mention the different drivers. That way, you will be perfectly covered. Therefore, do not hesitate to mention that your child uses your vehicle occasionally.

Reminder: Generally speaking, you must inform your insurer both when the contract is taken out and during the course of the contract of all information that could positively or negatively influence the assessment of the risk.

Therefore, never give in to the temptation of not declaring a regular driver of the vehicle. Indeed, in the event of an accident, the insurer may invoke your bad faith to terminate the contract and/or demand repayment of the compensation it  paid to the victim (legal action of the insurer). Subsequently, you may also have difficulty finding an insurer because of a listing in the DATASSUR file.

But other information may work in your favour, so let your insurer know.


  • your son, who occasionally uses your vehicle, successfully completed a defensive driving course, etc.;
  • you are already a customer or your parents are;
  • you want to insure both your car and motorcycle; 
  • you do not use your vehicle much;
  • etc.

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Last update
9 March 2023