If you do a search on the Internet, keep in mind that not all insurers offer modules to calculate premiums on their websites. Moreover, they do not all have the same scope.

Please note! Some insurers offer you a simulator that only gives you an indication of the premium. In such cases, we advise you to contact an insurance intermediary (agents or brokers) who will be able to tell you the amount of the premium corresponding to the risk you submit to them, at a given moment. It is because the simulator does not always take into account all the characteristics of the policyholder, the driver and the vehicle in its calculation.

When comparing offers, do not just compare the amount of the premium

The cover offered is not necessarily the same: some insurance policies offer you more protection than others. Take other aspects into account:

  • The service offered;
  • differences in claims management (call centre, 24/7, assistance from a broker, etc.);
  • The commercial policy of the insurer, particularly with regard to the elderly or young people;
  • the cancellation policy;
  • the bonus-malus scale (claims history);
  • and the impact of a claim in the calculation of the premium (negative scale, oscar, joker, etc.).

Communicate all the information relevant to the risk assessment

Always remember that you are obliged to provide all information relevant to the assessment of the risk both when the contract is taken out and for its duration.

You are not the only regular driver, you made claims..

Do not conceal anything because, in the event of a claim, the insurer may suspect a misrepresentation of the risk or a failure to report the change in risk. In such cases, the insurer will compensate the victim and then, demand that you repay its disbursements, which can be very high, if the victim is permanently disabled. The insurer will also cancel your contract and you will have a hard time finding a new one.

Other information may work in your favour, so let your insurer know.


  • You successfully completed a defensive driving course; 
  • You are already a customer or your parents are; 
  • You also wish to take out another insurance policy for the same vehicle (omnium insurance, driver, assistance, etc.); 
  • You want to insure both your car and motorcycle; 
  • You do not use your vehicle much; 
  • ...

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9 March 2023