You cannot oblige an insurer to take on a risk he does not want to insure.

Therefore, if you cannot find an insurer to cover your vehicle, use the services of an independent broker. He has extensive knowledge of the market and, in most cases, he will find you an insurer who can cover your risk profile.

Also remember to check whether the file of insurers, DATASSUR, does not contain any entries that make it more difficult to take out an insurance contract. This request for information must be accompanied by a copy of both sides of your identity card, so that the system administrator can verify that the request is indeed from the person in question.

You have the right:

  • to demand the correction of incorrect or irrelevant data;
  • to request deletion of the data.

Records made for non-payment of premiums and/or non-recovery of an excess are retained for three years. The records made in order to prove fraud are kept for 10 years. All other types of records are kept for five years.

If in spite of these various steps, you still cannot find civil liability car insurance on the market or only at very high prices, you can contact the Rating Bureau, either through your usual intermediary (broker, agent, direct insurer, etc.) or directly. However, at least three insurers must refuse to insure you or only insure you for a high premium or excess. Please note, the refusals and proposals cannot be older than two months.

The premium proposed by the Rating Bureau corresponds to the risk that the applicant represents.

Note: the Rating Bureau's quote will be limited to compulsory civil liability car insurance.

Disputes and Complaints

Last update
9 March 2023