All incidents must be reported to the insurer as soon as possible and in any case within eight days. However, the insurer may not invoke non-compliance with the eight-day time limit if the declaration was made as quickly as could reasonably have been done (art. 32, § 1 of the annex to the RD 05.02.2019).

You must report your incident in writing. Use the report. Indeed, the document also speeds up the settlement of claims between insurers, by providing a clear and precise description.

Nowadays, you can also report an accident with your smartphone. Download and use the crashform app. You enter the same data on the app as on the paper form. You can also upload photos and send it.

Fill your report out, even though the other party is not present or if only your vehicle is involved in the accident.

Please note! It is useful to complete it, even though the police draw a report up or arrived at the scene. Especially since in some countries, including France,  the police only issue a report, if there are injuries.

The police may, therefore, arrived at the scene and regulated the traffic without having draw a report up. If you did not draw it up, you will be totally powerless before your insurer.

The model is uniform - and identical - and can, therefore, be used throughout Europe regardless of the languages of the different parties.

You must make a sketch showing how the vehicles collided and fill in the columns, in particular relating to the manoeuvres made. 

You must also indicate in this declaration:

  • the circumstances;
  • the likely consequences of the incident;
  • surnames, first names, domiciles:
    • witnesses;
    • and injured persons.

Take photos, note the names of witnesses and then submit your claim with the report (paper version or via the crashform app) as soon as possible to your insurer.

It will allow your insurer to start processing your case without having to wait for the police report. This document also speeds up the settlement of damages between insurers.

If necessary, also notify your insurer:

Disputes and Complaints

Submit a complaint with the
 Insurance Ombudsman

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11 December 2020