There are several new vehicles on the roads: electric scooter, electric bicycle, Segway®, etc. Those motorised vehicles don't have to be covered by the compulsory civil liability car insurance if they meet the criteria listed in Article 2bis of the law of 21 November 1989 on compulsory motor vehicle liability insurance.

What can you do to get compensation if you are the victim of an accident involving this type of vehicle?

In most cases, the driver of a light electric vehicle is covered by civil liability family insurance. You can consequently claim compensation from your insurer. So always remember to ask for the driver's contact details and those of his or her insurer. If the police have drawn up a report, you can forward the references to your insurer for legal or family protection.

If the driver is not covered by civil liability family insurance, you still have options, as you can submit a damage claim directly to the Belgian Common Guarantee Fund (FCGB/BGWF).

Tip: Don't forget your personal insurance (accident, hospitalisation, legal protection, family, etc.), they can also help you. Contact your insurer or insurance broker.

Think ahead!

Don't forget that, as the driver of this type of vehicle, you may also be liable. So consider taking out civil liability family insurance, because if you do not have insurance to cover the damage caused to others, you will ultimately have to pay back the compensation awarded to the victim. The FCGB/BGWF will of course demand repayment of its disbursements.

Last update
26 April 2024