Before you launch yourself into the application procedures and start the formalities, take some time to think. Ask yourself the questions that will help you refine your project, for example:

  • What activities do I want to carry out?
  • Who are my competitors? What services do they offer? What can I offer better? What can I do differently to stand out? What are the possible evolutions in my sector of activity?
  • What products and services will I offer? What pricing policy will I adopt? Where will my products be available? How will I advertise them? How will I manage orders and deliveries?
  • What legal status will I choose? Who will manage my company? Where will I locate it? Will I hire staff?
  • Which organisations should I contact to draw up my file or take the necessary steps to set up my business?
  • How can I finance my project? What investments should I make? What will my costs be? What is the minimum margin to cover my costs? What type of financing should I choose?

More Information?

The public services put various websites at your disposal to help you clarify your project and provide information about the administrative procedures, funding possibilities, available aid, possible risks, etc.

You can obtain additional and region-specific information by consulting the various portals of the regional institutions:

Last update
27 October 2022