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    What is an expert surveyor?

    An expert surveyor carries out the following activities:

    • demarcating land
    • drawing up and signing plans that must serve for:
      • border recognition
      • an alteration
      • the settlement of boundary cases
      • in respect of any instrument or record which provides for identification of landed property and which may be submitted for mortgage transfer or registration.

    Expert surveyors have a monopoly on the exercise of those activities.

    Who is allowed to practise the profession of surveyor?

    The conditions for entering and practising the profession vary insofar as:

    To better understand the difference between establishment and the temporary provision of services, you can consult Be-Assist's FAQ.

    How to find an expert surveyor?

    The official list of expert surveyors contains the names and contact details of all the expert surveyors registered with the Federal Council of Expert Surveyors.

    Find an expert surveyor

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    12 September 2023