Are you a national of a country outside the European Union - Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway or Switzerland? If you obtained a capacity equivalent to that of tax advisor in your country of origin, you can obtain the capacity of tax advisor in Belgium, if your country of origin recognises the Belgian capacity (reciprocity). However, you will need to take a further examination.

If your country of origin does not have a system of reciprocity with the Belgian capacity, you must apply for an equivalence decision for your diploma from one of the following communities (depending on your place of residence):

Advice: check beforehand with the Belgian Assistance Centre for the Recognition of Professional Qualifications (Be-Assist) whether you will be treated as a citizen of the European Union. There are several European directives that allow you to be equated with a national of a Member State (for example, as the spouse of a national of a Member State).

Last update
27 October 2020