The Continental Shelf Service brings together all the data available about economic activities and territorial facilities in the Belgian part of the North Sea in an internally managed geographic information system: the North Sea GIS.

All this data is available to the public and can be obtained in the form of digital maps that can be printed on request by emailing to

Furthermore, the service makes this cartographic data available in Google Earth format. This service does not include all existing data. The available data is limited to major themes in the context of the legal mission of the Continental Shelf Service and its role in the federal government:

  • Sand and gravel extraction;
  • Energy;
  • Telecommunications;
  • Marine Spatial Plan.

For further information about Energy, Telecommunications and the Marine Spatial Plan, we refer you to the competent institutions.

To display the available data you should import the following link: (KMZ, 54.9 Mo) as a network link in Google Earth (free download).





All the data is organised in layers and is accessible via the "Places" panel. They can be viewed in the 3D viewer by ticking the catalogues or the elements. Further information can be obtained by clicking on the titles in the "Places" panel or the 3D viewer.

Last update
25 October 2019