A concession permit determines the concession period (standard 10 years) and the control areas where it is possible to mine sand and gravel. It is compulsory. The mining company may submit a request for the suspension and/or extension of its concession permit.

Each mining company pays a licence fee according to the volume mined with an annual minimum of 18,592.02 euro. The cost of the licence fees is adapted each year and varies according to the type of material:

  • sand from control areas 1, 2 and 4: 0.60 euro/m³ in 2015;
  • sand from control area 3 (lower quality): 0.39 euro/m³ in 2015;
  • gravel: 1.27 euro/m³ in 2015.



The licence fees, which the holders of a concession permit are required to pay, are devoted entirely to the on-going investigation of the influence of sand and gravel mining on the seabed and the marine environment..


Last update
17 July 2018