Public Search web service

What type of data will you find in the Public Search web service?

The Public Search web service contains the public active data for each registered entity (here further entity) and establishment unit registered in the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises (CBE). Data of discontinued entities that were active at the time of the discontinuation is also available.

Exact information on the type of data can be found in the Public Search web service Data Catalogue (PDF, 330.9 KB) (in French).

Good to know

This involves the public active data of the entities and establishment units registered in the CBE.

The registered or changed data is available the next day. Data registered or changed on Saturdays or Sundays becomes available the following Tuesday.

How to search the data?

You can search by:

How do you get access?

First of all you must register online and accept the terms of use (PDF, 339.79 KB). An account will be created for you. The account allows you to test the web service free of charge.

To activate the entire website, you need to order packages. Each package entitles you to 2,000 requests (i.e. searches or retrievals) and costs 50 euro. You can order packages using the same application you used when registering for the service. Please fill out the desired number of packages. You will receive an email containing your payment information. Payment must be made by bank transfer within three months. Upon receipt of your payment the requested packages will be activated within 7 working days. From that moment on you will be able to retrieve the requests through your account.

The number of remaining requests will be integrated in each reply you receive. This allows you to monitor your remaining requests and to order new packages on time.

Public Search web service
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Need more information?

For more information (data, technical, etc.) please refer to the cookbook (PDF, 1.74 MB).

Privacy policy

For any questions regarding the processing of personal data, please refer to the « Privacy statement » of the CBE.

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25 July 2022