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    Renewable hydrogen offers new possibilities for realising the energy transition of certain sectors in Belgium. This is why the federal government has great ambitions for hydrogen and its derived molecules, particularly in the industry and the transport sector, as announced in the Federal Hydrogen Vision and Strategy published on 29 October 2021. 

    Regulating the Transport of Hydrogen by Pipeline

    These ambitions require the development of a robust hydrogen market, supported by the expansion of the hydrogen transport infrastructure. Such a network for the transport of hydrogen will be an essential facility in the future energy system. To ensure open access to that network on non-discriminatory terms, the transport of hydrogen by pipeline must be regulated.

    Public Consultation

    Such regulation can take several forms. The Federal Minister of Energy described the regulatory principles and choices she intends to make to regulate the transport of hydrogen by pipeline in a consultation paper (PDF, 258.04 KB) that she submitted to the sector.

    The public consultation has since closed. The responses received, which are summarized in the following report, will be taken into account in the development of the draft law for the regulation of the transport of hydrogen by pipeline.

    On 16 February 2022, an online event, in addition to the Federal Hydrogen Strategy, provided an overview of the intended regulation of hydrogen transport by pipeline.

    This webinar is in addition to the written public consultation.The purpose of the event was to explain the regulatory framework proposed in the consultation paper and to obtain feedback from the sector.

    The report is currently available in French (PDF, 201.96 KB) and in Dutch (PDF, 197.82 KB), and will soon be available here in English.

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    17 October 2022