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    Tour operators and retailers have a legal obligation to provide pre-contractual information. Before entering into a package travel contract, the tour operator and/or retailer must inform you of your rights (via a mandatory standard form) and you shall receive the necessary information to make an informed purchase decision.This information is the following:

    • the main characteristics of the travel services contained in the package (destination, means of transport, type of accommodation, meals provided, excursions, etc.);
    • the contact details of the tour operator and, where applicable, the retailer;
    • the total price and payment modalities;
    • the minimum number of participants for the trip, where applicable;
    • passports, visas and the necessary health formalities;
    • the cancellation options as a traveller; and
    • information on any additional cancellation or assistance insurance

    This information does not have to be provided all at once, for example in a brochure, but you should receive it in a clear, understandable and prominent manner before you make your final booking. The information contained in the travel brochure or leaflet, or on the website in the case of online bookings, is binding.

    The tour operator and the retailer are responsible for any booking errors. This is obviously not the case for errors attributable to the traveller or caused by extraordinary and unavoidable circumstances.

    When you book a package travel, you are not entitled to a reflexion period, even if you book online.

    Confirmation of the trip

    The tour operator or retailer is legally obliged to provide you with a copy of the package travel contract, or confirmation. It must be delivered to you at the time of signing or shortly thereafter on a durable medium (e.g. a letter or e-mail).

    The package travel contract, or the confirmation, must contain all pre-contractual information. It must also state in a clear, understandable and prominent manner:

    • your particular preferences as a traveller;
    • the responsibility of the operator for the proper execution of the travel services;
    • the obligation to provide assistance when you are in difficulty;
    • the contact details of the insurance company that intervenes in the event of the operator's or retailer's insolvency;
    • the contact details of the operator's local representative;
    • the obligation for the traveller to report any lack of conformity in the execution of the package travel;
    • the necessary contact information for unaccompanied minors;
    • the complaints procedure and information on alternative dispute resolution; and
    • your right to assign the contract to someone else.

    Always check whether the travel confirmation corresponds to what was agreed upon at the time of booking. Contact the retailer or the tour operator in due course if you spot any booking errors (price, departure date, accommodation, activities, etc.) and request a correction. Also request a written confirmation.

    Please note that a fee may be charged if you wish to make changes after the booking (e.g. a different type of room or another departure date). A fee is generally also charged if you have corrections made (e.g. misspelled names). Make these corrections well in advance of your departure date.

    Prior to the start of the package travel, your tour operator must provide you with the necessary receipts, travel vouchers and tickets in good time. They must inform you in advance of:

    • the scheduled departure times
    • the deadline for checking in
    • the scheduled times for stopovers, connections and arrival

    Sample letter: Package travel - booking errors by the retailer or tour operator (DOCX, 22.89 KB)

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