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    The tour operator usually mentions in the general travel conditions that minor changes can be made to the package travel contract (such as the departure time). You shall be informed of such changes well in advance on a durable medium (e.g. letter or e-mail).

    If such changes are made, you cannot cancel the trip without paying termination fees, unless you can demonstrate that the change is impossible for you.

    But what happens if the tour operator unilaterally modifies an essential element of the travel contract, such as:

    • a different departure date
    • a hotel of a lower comfort class
    • removing an essential element of the package travel

    In such cases, you have three options:

    • You can cancel the contract free of charge. 
    • The tour operator can offer you an equivalent offer. You may accept or refuse this offer.
    • If the tour operator offers you an alternative of lesser value, you will be entitled to a discount if you accept it.

    You do not agree with the proposed changes and have chosen to cancel? In this case, the tour operator must reimburse you the full amount of the trip (or the deposit) within 14 days. You are also entitled to appropriate compensation, unless the change is due to unavoidable and extraordinary circumstances (force majeure).

    Sample letter: Package travel - modification of essential elements of the travel contract by the tour operator prior to departure (DOCX, 24.38 KB)

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    24 October 2022