In the event of loss  or damage to checked-in luggage, the Montreal Convention (Article 22) provides for compensation of up to 1,288 STR (i.e. approximately 1,600 euros).

The carrier can only discharge itself from its liability, if it can prove a defect in the piece of luggage (ineffective fastenings, extraordinary fragility, etc.) or the fault of the passenger (mainly through failures in packaging).

If you believe that the value of your luggage exceeds 1,288 STR limit, you can fill in a "special declaration of importance" at check-in, in exchange for a surcharge.

In order to receive the compensation, it is imperative that you lodge a complaint with the carrier within the following deadlines (Article 31):

  • immediately, if the damage is ascertained at the time the piece of luggage is picked up;
  • within seven days of receipt, if the damage is not detected until the piece of luggage was opened;
  • if the piece of luggage is recovered later, within 21 days from the day itwas recovered.

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