Usually, the consumer  has a period of at least fourteen calendar days within which he can withdraw from a distance contract (Art. VI.47 CEL).

If the contract provides for a specific date or period of performance, the consumer has no right of withdrawal for the services of:

  • accommodation, other than for residential purposes;
  • transport;
  • car rental services;
  • catering and leisure services (Art. VI.53, 12° CEL).

If, for example, you book a trip, a plane ticket, a hotel room or a rental car via the Internet, you do not have the reflection period provided by the aforementioned law. The seller is not obliged to reimburse you the sums paid, if you cancel your booking.

The seller must state on his website that the consumer does not have a reflection period (Art. VI.45, 11° CEL).

Last update
19 May 2022