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    As part of the application of the European policies on technical harmonisation, bodies are charged with assessing the conformity of the products covered by these 'new approach' directives of regulations.

    These bodies have been recognised by the Member States of the European Union and have subsequently been notified to the European Commission and the other Member States. That is why they are referred to as notified bodies.

    The NANDO (English site) database includes all bodies registered for these guidelines.

    The usefulness of NANDO

    The NANDO database is very important for:

    • companies, who can find in it the list of notified bodies which can assess the conformity of their products;
    • the public authorities in charge of market surveillance;
    • consumers, who can be sure that a product bearing the CE marking as conforming to the essential health and safety requirements has been certified by a competent body.

    The role of the FPS Economy

    The Federal Public Service Economy manages the NANDO database for Belgium, which contains the data of the bodies notified by the Belgian government.

    Most bodies were previously accredited by BELAC.

    How does an authority notify a body?

    A Belgian authority responsible for the notification of bodies under a "new approach" directive must provide the following information:

    • the regulation concerned;
    • the name of the body and, where appropriate, its abbreviated name;
    • the body's postal address;
    • the body's telephone and fax numbers;
    • the body's electronic address;
    • the body's website address;
    • the name of a contact person of the body and their electronic address and telephone number;
    • where appropriate, the expiry date of the validity of the previous notification;
    • the accreditation standard involved in the notification (EN 17025 – EN 17020 – EN 17021 – EN 17024) as well as additional;
    • in the absence of accreditation, the detailed explanation of how the authority has evaluated the powers of the body it wishes to notify;
    • the list of products or families of products, the conformity assessment procedures and the annexes involved in the notification.

    For faster treatment it is recommended to send this information by electronic mail.

    Notification form for conformity assessment body (DOCX, 183.05 KB)

    Declaration of completeness and correctness of the documents (DOC, 78.5 KB) (DOC, 80 KB)

    Extension of a notification

    The notifying authorities must extend the notification before the expiry date of the valid previous notification. Otherwise, the body will automatically be deleted from NANDO.

    To this end, the BelNANDO unit contact point of the FPS Economy sends an e-mail reminding the notifying authority about 3 months before the expiry date of the validity of a body's notification.

    Useful documents

    Notification – what, why, who?

    How to notify?


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