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  1. The AGORA-MMS project "Monitoring of Markets and Sectors" was initiated by the division Sector and Market Monitoring within the Federal Public Service Economy (FPS Economy in the sequel). It has been
  2. 6-001 List of the documents of the management system of BELAC 6-003 Table of correspondence between the EN ISO/IEC 17011, EA and EC Regulation 765/2008 requirements and the quality manual and main
  3. 0-03 Code of economic law: Extracts that provide the legal basis for the operation of accreditation in Belgium 0-04 Appointment the civil servants in charge of tracing and reporting on breaches of the
  4. 2-403 Guidelines for the implementation of accreditation criteria in the framework of the self-checking guides for the food industry and its suppliers, including the use of a flexible scope 2-404 General
  5. 4-01 Guidelines on the presentation of the BELAC assessment reports and the request for payment of the hours
  6. 1-01 Management Manual 1-02 Elements of the general policy and mechanisms introduced by BELAC in response to the requirements of the ISO / IEC 17011: 2017 standard with regard to the identification and