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  1. 4-01 Guidelines on the presentation of the BELAC assessment reports and the request for payment of the hours
  2. 6-001 List of the documents of the management system of BELAC 6-003 Table of correspondence between the EN ISO/IEC 17011, EA and EC Regulation 765/2008 requirements and the quality manual and main
  3. 6-201 Application form 6-203 Reimbursement of expenses 6-206 Report of the coordinator on the assessment process (only available in Dutch and in French) 6-207 Form: evaluation of the performance of an
  4. 6-429 Module A: summary of the assessment report 6-430 Module B: history of the file 6-431-15189 Module C: report of the lead assessor EN ISO 15189:2012 6-431(15189-17025) Module C: report of the lead
  5. 7-01 BELAC: General and practical information 7-06 General information concerning the tax aspects of assessor fees 7-06 Information for experts - only available in French and in Dutch
  6. 0-02 Royal Decree of 24 January 1991 creating the National Council for Accreditation and Certification 0-03 Code of economic law: Extracts that provide the legal basis for the operation of accreditation in