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  1. The Activity Report of the Belgian Intellectual Property Office (IPObel) provides the public with a general overview of the projects and activities carried out in 2020, illustrated by graphs and statistics
  2. A simple and fast way to reward your creative employees with a 100 % net bonus
  3. The economic outlook is published quarterly. It consists of different parts: an executive summary, a chapter presenting Belgium as a whole, a chapter regarding recent economic developments, a chapter
  4. Under regulation (EC) No 1099/2008, EU member states must report monthly and annual data on gas trade within their borders. Some definitions differ between monthly and annual data, among which the
  5. It is increasingly difficult to find sand mining sites on land. Sea sand is therefore an interesting alternative, both in Belgium and in our neighbouring countries. In Belgium, since the 1970s, the share
  6. Recent cyclical developments indicate that Belgium enjoyed a relatively good GDP growth in 2019 (+1.7 % year-on-year, compared to +1.8 % in 2018), thanks to a strong domestic demand (excluding inventories