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  1. Annual GDP growth recovered strongly in Belgium in 2021 (+6.2%) as a result of the global recovery in economic activity. The rebound of GDP in Belgium was more pronounced than the one in the European Union
  2. Belgium, a small and open economy of almost 11.6 million inhabitants, is located in the heart of Western Europe. In 2021, its GDP reached 507.2 billion euros. The economy benefits from a strong
  3. This study examined the patents, trademarks, designs, drawings and plant breeders' rights of 15,193 Belgian companies during the period 2010-2019. A total of 82,190 intellectual property rights (IPRs) were
  4. Although annual GDP growth collapsed in Belgium in 2020 (-5.7 %) as a result of the global coronavirus pandemic. The decline in GDP in Belgium was less pronounced than that of the European Union (27
  5. The Economic Outlook is published quarterly. It consists of various parts: an executive summary, a chapter presenting Belgium as a whole, a chapter on recent economic developments, a chapter on foreign