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  1. This study examined the patents, trademarks, designs, drawings and plant breeders' rights of 15,193 Belgian companies during the period 2010-2019. A total of 82,190 intellectual property rights (IPRs) were
  2. A study assesses the impact of artificial intelligence on economic regulation in areas such as: intellectual property, consumer protection, competition, insurance, etc. This page presents the study, its
  3. Over the last decade, intellectual property (hereinafter “IP”) assets have increasingly contributed to the market value of companies, including small and medium enterprises (hereinafter “SMEs”). This has
  4. The Activity Report of the Belgian Intellectual Property Office (IPObel) provides the public with a general overview of the projects and activities carried out in 2020, illustrated by graphs and statistics
  5. The main themes covered by the guide are: What intellectual property rights are involved? (Chapter I) Is a contract necessary? Who owns the rights in the absence of a contract? (Chapter II) How can a
  6. How do you verify whether your invention is new? How do you apply for a patent? Is your invention patentable? To what extent can your idea be protected abroad? What are your rights as an author? Are you