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  1. In 2023, the European Union celebrates 30 years of the Internal Market, one of its greatest achievements. It has helped to make daily life easier for citizens and businesses, promoting jobs and growth
  2. You will find below the activity report of the Directorate-General Quality and Safety for the year 2020. The year 2020 was undoubtedly unusual. The outbreak of the coronavirus crisis has had a major impact
  3. The National Standards Service supports the Belgian economic and scientific stakeholders by: ensuring quality by providing a direct connection between precision equipment or the transfer standards of the
  4. Brochure Belac: Accreditation: a tool to facilitate the free circulation of goods and services and to ensure the safety of consumers
  5. 6-001 List of the documents of the management system of BELAC 6-003 Table of correspondence between the EN ISO/IEC 17011, EA and EC Regulation 765/2008 requirements and the quality manual and main