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National Standards

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The National Standards Service supports the Belgian economic and
scientific stakeholders by:

  • ensuring quality by providing a direct connection between precision equipment or the transfer standards of the customer and the national standards through calibration provided to industries and laboratories. Hence the traceability to IS (International System of units) is guaranteed and consequently the international equivalence of the measurements used in the manufacturing processes.
  • supporting innovation by the development and the improvement of suitable standards through research programmes. Companies using new technologies are provided with precise calibration of their instruments in order to ensure the quality of their products and the compatibility of the parts that are jointly manufactured.
  • disseminating metrological knowledge through experts answering specific questions or taking part in more in-depth consultancy projects for companies developing and installing new measurement setup.

The actions put in place to ensure these services in an optimal way

  • a special focus on the nanometrology through investments and innovative development programmes;
  • involvement in European research programmes in metrology (EMPIR and Euramet);
  • technical support to the Belgian organizations Belac and Belmet;
  • participation in activities and international comparisons of Euramet and BIPM.
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18 May 2018