Market Functioning in Belgium : Horizontal Screening of the Sectors (2016)

Institut des comptes nationaux

Observatoire des Prix

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In the 2016 version of the report on market functioning in the Belgian economy, elaborated by the Price Observatory, you will find a comprehensive analysis of more than 600 sectors over the period 2010-2014.

This study analyses different dimensions of market functioning, such as market concentration, barriers to entry, stability of market shares  and profit margins. It identifies sectors where there is a higher risk of market failure and which therefore require special attention. The report results are not a final judgment but represent a first step towards a more in-depth analysis of these markets.

The main sectors needing attention according to this screening are:

  • Network industries

  • Food and beverage industries

  • Metallurgy, metal products and other mineral products

  • Network services, such as telecommunications and transport

  • Wholesale and retail trade

  • Renting and leasing activities

  • Personal services, such as accommodation and medico-social activities

  • Construction

In addition, a specific analysis has been carried out concerning the evolution and the level of profitability of various sectors. An alternative approach has been developed where the costs of the use of capital are included. Following this method, the production of beer and of electronic components and the activities of notaries and lawyers are identified as particularly profitable.

This screening has been carried out annually since 2015 (French report, Dutch report). The methodological reference framework was developed in 2011 within the framework of the AGORA - MMS Monitoring of Markets and Sectors.

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9 March 2018