Now you have reached the end of the Cyberscan, you are more aware of the risks and threats you are facing in terms of cybersecurity.

The public authorities are aware that investing in cybersecurity is not easy and can significantly affect your budget, as an SME.

This is why they are working to support you at all levels of power (regional, federal and European).

Please note that the list below does not aim to be exhaustive, but merely to give you an overview of the current main initiatives. Please consult the websites of the authorities in question directly for more information.

At Regional level :

Walloon Region

Advice, Awareness Raising and Training

"Keep It Secure” (KIS) is Digital Wallonia's approach for improving the IT security of SMEs in Wallonia. It includes awareness raising and training initiatives, as well as a certification system for cybersecurity service providers to demonstrate their skills and improve trust.


Brussels-Capital Region

Advice, Awareness Raising and Training is the reference platform of the Brussels-Capital Region for supporting businesses, particularly their digitisation.

Digitalcity.Brussels is the training and employment hub for digital professions in the Brussels-Capital Region. As an employer, it offers you a range of training courses adapted to the needs of your employees, so they can develop their digital skills, particularly in the area of cybersecurity and GDPR .


Flemish Region

Advice, Awareness Raising and Training

Digitale Toekomst is the reference platform of the Flemish Region for the digitisation of businesses. It provides all the relevant information on Flemish initiatives for supporting SMEs with their cybersecurity, including tips, testimonies, training courses and subsidies.


Lastly, the Cybersecurity Coalition, which comprises public authorities, private businesses and academia, also offers Belgian SMEs a range of cybersecurity tips, tools and resources.