Event date
8 April 2024 - 9 April 2024
Belgian Copyright Conference 2024 - Let's go for it together!

As part of the Belgian presidency of the Council of the European Union (EU), the FPS Economy invites you to the two half-day copyright conference that will take place in Namur on April 8 in the afternoon and April 9 in the morning. The theme of the conference is ”The Action of the EU and its Member States in Favor of Fair Remuneration for Authors, Performers and Creative Industries in the Digital Content Landscape”.

Who is this event for?

This event is aimed at experts from Europe who are interested in the subject.

What can you expect from this event?

Together with European and national copyright experts, we will look at:

  • how the DSM Directive was implemented across EU Member States
  • how to improve the remuneration of authors, publishers and performers in today’s online environment

In this context, several inspiring presentations will be held, offering potential solutions to our shared challenges, and we are organising fascinating panel discussions with stakeholders.

In addition, we will also look at what the future holds for European copyright, with topics such as artificial intelligence and contractual buyout clauses. Following the first day of the conference, you will also have the opportunity to enjoy a delicious evening meal in the Citadel of Namur and an entertaining artistic performance.


Day 1: 8 April



12:00 pm


1:00 pm

Word of welcome – Séverine Waterbley, President of the FPS Economy

1:05 pm

Opening speech – Pierre-Yves Dermagne, Minister of Economy

1:15 pm Copyright in a changing world, WIPO's perspective - Daren Tang, Director General of WIPO

1:25 pm

Opening speech by the European Commission – Roberto Viola, Director General of DG CNECT

1:35 pm

Practical information by the Belgian Intellectual Property Office

1:40 pm

Introduction – Ensuring a fair remuneration for creators and press publishers for the use of their content online (PDF, 1.82 MB)Frank Gotzen, President of ALAI and Professor

2:00 pm

Implementation by Member States of the objectives of the DSM Directive in order to ensure creator’s rights for press articles, streaming, and in the context of contractual relations  – Emmanuelle Du Chalard, Head of the Copyright Unit of the European Commission (focus on the implementation of the Directive and the progress on the remuneration – Art. 15, 17, 18-23)

2:10 pm

Q&A, break

Parallel Sessions about two topics:

  1. Creator’s remuneration in the context of musical and audiovisual streaming
  2. Remuneration of journalists and press publishers for the use of press articles online

2:35 pm

Study of the European Parliament “Cultural diversity and the conditions for authors in the European music streaming market” – Iban Garcia Del Blanco, MEP (1)

Presentation of the Digital News Report of Reuters Institute – Pauljan Truyens, VUB (2)

3:05 pm

Presentation of the German system (PDF, 286.42 KB)Silke von Lewinski (1)

Presentation of the French system (PDF, 318.99 KB) – Anne Le Morvan (2)

3:25 pm

Presentation of the Spanish system (PDF, 188.98 KB)Lara Chaguaceda Bermúdez (1)

Presentation of the Italian system (PDF, 498.38 KB)Francesca Ferrari and Alessandro Cogo (2)

3:45 pm


4:10 pm

Presentation of the Belgian system (PDF, 333.65 KB)Natacha Lenaerts (1)

Presentation of the Belgian system (PDF, 431.05 KB) – Vincent Jadot and Dali Chincharauli (2)

4:30 pm

Panel discussion – moderated by Marie-Christine Janssens (1)

  • Kristina Janušauskaitė, IFPI
  • Emilie Anthonis, MPA
  • Ioan Kaes, AEPO ARTIS
  • Burak Özgen, GESAC
  • Olivia Regnier, Digital Music Europe
  • Cécile Despringre, SAA

Panel discussion – moderated by Benoit Michaux (2)

  • Nevena Kostova, Google
  • Nicole Schulze, Meta
  • Mogens Blicher Bjerregard, European Federation of Journalists
  • Ilias Konteas, European Newspaper Publishers Association

18:45 pm

Bus shuttle to the Citadel of Namur – Dinner at restaurant Panorama

Day 2: 9 April



08:30 am


09:00 am

Introduction – Presentation by the European Commission (Giuseppe Abbamonte, Director for Media Policy) on new challenges, such as buyout clauses and artificial intelligence

09:20 am

Buyout Clauses:


09:35 am

Buyout Clauses:

09:50 am

Artificial Intelligence and Copyright:

10:10 am

Artificial Intelligence and Copyright:

10:30 am


10:50 am

Artificial Intelligence and Copyright:

  • How to avoid an illegitimate appropriation of the creator’s work by AI? – Stéphanie Le Cam

11:10 am

Artificial Intelligence and Copyright:

  • Discussion panel on the use by AI of protected works (not covered by the TDM exception, or when rightholders make use of the opt-out faculty) and the remuneration of rightholders on the one hand, and the protection of the result produced by AI on the other hand – Introduction (10 min) and moderation by Bernt Hugenholtz
    • Nevena Kostova, Google
    • Paul Keller, Open Future
    • Agnieszka Horak de Sousa, IFPI
    • Nina George, European Writers Council

12:20 pm

Key takeways and conclusions by the moderators Marie-Christine Janssens, Benoit Michaux and Bernt Hugenholtz

12:50 pm

Walking dinner

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16 April 2024