Is your company increasingly using digital tools and more and more present on the web? That's great! 

But did you know that this can be risky, even as an SME and freelancer? Are you also aware that you may be subject to penalties if you do not properly protect sensitive data that is in your possession, as required by the General Data Protection Regulation ( GDPR )? 

You are already wondering about these questions, it worries you, but you don't know what to do? You are not the only one and, in any case, you are in the right place!

Just as the lords of the Middle Ages put up a series of defences around their castle to protect it, you need to do the same to keep your company 's IT systems and data safe from cyberattacks .

To put it simply, this is what we call cybersecurity

The organisation of your cybersecurity is essentially based on two components:

  1. organisational measures, i.e. the way your company is organised;
  2. technical measures, i.e. the technological tools that you put in place within your company to protect yourself.

And did you know? By taking these different steps, you will kill two birds with one stone by getting yourself in order regarding GDPR . Convenient, isn't it?
Specially designed for the SME audience, including freelancers, the Cyberscan will allow you to find out where your company 's cybersecurity stands in about 15 minutes. You'll receive an immediate assessment of your company 's cyber risks , along with advice tailored to your situation, to help you improve your security. 

Let's protect your business together!