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Theme 8: Evaluate: Make the Most of Your Available Resources

Everyone would like to have the most sophisticated defence possible. But this is not always possible or necessary. Because increasing your means of defence has a cost: financial, human, etc.

image illustrativeTo avoid ruin and make the most of the resources available, a good lord in the Middle Ages would evaluate the security costs and risks of the income and expenditure for his castle. 

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It's the same thing in your business: evaluate the costs and risks so that your cybersecurity is not too expensive. Certain types of protection may be more of a priority than others, depending on your personal situation, and you don't necessarily need the latest cutting-edge product.

Do you think you have done what is necessary? Why not make sure by organising a regular internal and/or external security audit? This will allow you to continue improving (virtuous circle) and to identify risks you may not have considered, whilst also taking account of your needs and resources.

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The most important fact is not the price, but the efficiency of your cyber defence system !


  • Castle in the Middle Ages:
    • to avoid ruin, evaluation of the costs and risks of the castle's defences.
  • Cybersecurity for your business:
    • to avoid ruin, evaluation of the costs and risks of the company 's cyber defences.
    • regular internal and/or external security audit.