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    Due to constant technological evolutions, the European telecoms landscape faces enormous challenges. During the Belgian presidency, the FPS Economy will actively work to address those diverse and complex challenges and help to achieve the broader goals of the Digital Decade Policy. The focus of theose efforts will be on facilitating a digital transition that is not only technologically advanced, but also sustainable and people-oriented.

    The Belgian presidency will uphold the EU’s ambition to advance the green and digital transition, supporting efforts towards achieving climate neutrality and digital leadership. It will prioritise a human-centred approach to the digital transformation, in line with the European Declaration on Digital Rights and Principles.  

    With the ambitious targets of the Digital Decade Policy Programme in mind, the following files, among others, will be closely monitored: the 2030 Digital Policy Program, the Gigabit Infrastructure Act (GIA), CEF digital, and other telecom-related topics within digital partnerships. 

    Furthermore, the presidency will also stimulate the debate on the future of the telecoms sector and the review of the radio spectrum policy programme.  

    Both the negotiations on the Gigabit Infrastructure Act, and the debate around the future of the telecoms sector are assisted by the FPS Economy.

    During the Belgian presidency, there will be close cooperation between various stakeholders to ensure a coherent policy that not only strengthens Europe's competitive position, but also contributes to a sustainable, innovative and resilient digital ecosystem. 

    Within the Directorate-General for Economic Regulation of the FPS Economy, the telecoms department will support the negotiations around the Gigabit Infrastructure Act and the debate on the future of the telecoms sector. Theose efforts are led by the Belgian Institute for Postal Services and Telecommunications (BIPT) and the Permanent Representation. 

    In cooperation with the Cabinet of the Minister of Telecommunication and BIPT, the FPS Economy will also contribute to the organisation of a High-Level Post and e-commerce conference, bringing together national and international stakeholders to facilitate high-level interactive discussions on the need for a new postal services directive. 

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    15 February 2024